The More She Says, The Less I Understand

August 12th, 2010

In an ironic twist of toddlerhood, the more verbal Miss Mouse becomes, the harder I’m finding it to keep up with what she’s saying.

I think the problem lies in the introduction of more abstract thought. In the early days, the only words Miss Mouse uttered had to do with her immediate surroundings. She actually enunciates quite well for a not-even-two-year old and even when she didn’t, you could guess what she was saying. She’s point at her sheep and say “seep!” Easy enough.

But now, her horizons are expanding and Miss Mouse will frequently comment on her friends from school, or what she did, or something she wants that is out of her line of sight. And that’s when it gets tricky. I mean, who would necessarily suspect that references to “yo-yo” were, in fact, meditations on her friend Lola from school?

We’re figuring it out as we go along, but boy, she keeps you on your toes. She won’t accept a vague “uh huh” when she says something. She fully expects you to respond more appropriately — either to answer her question, or repeat back her phrase, or something else that proves you were actually listening to her.

So when you’re accosted by a toddler enthusiastically repeating “uppy gong” you’d better be able to figure out she’s telling you about the puppy dogs across the street!

One response to “The More She Says, The Less I Understand”

  1. Isa says:

    that's the part about toddlers that terrifies me. I can hardly understand grown adults half the time, let alone small people who look at you like you are SUCH an idiot when you try to be noncommital instead of giving a proper response.

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