The Stockpile

August 24th, 2010

I learned something interesting shortly after Miss Mouse was born. As a brand-new parent, you are generally flooded with offers of support…

…and that support usually lasts about three weeks.

This is absolutely not meant to shortchange the wonderful gifts of love, time, and food that rained upon me in the early days of parenthood. When Miss Mouse was born, my husband took two weeks of paternity leave, my parents drove out to spend several weeks, my mother-in-law came for a while, and various friends and church members blessed us with home-cooked meals.

It was blissful. It’s just that most of that happened during the same period of time. Which meant that my hubby went back to work full-time, my parents left, and the offerings of food dried up all at the same moment. It was a pretty overwhelming moment.

This time around, we’re orchestrating things a bit more carefully. My parents are again coming out, so Josh isn’t taking his “paternity leave” until October, after they leave. And I have begun stockpiling meals in our freezer to help with dinner preparations post-baby.

It’s easier than I expected – I’ve just periodically tried to make extra of whatever I’m making for dinner, then socked away the surplus in our chest freezer in the garage.

My inventory is currently as follows (the number indicates the number of meals worth of that item we have):

Pulled pork — 4
Cooked seasoned taco meat — 2
Pasta bake — 2
Fresh sweet corn off the cob — 2
Butternut squash soup — 1
Chili — 1
Venison lentil skillet meal — 1

Not too shabby! All of those items either are complete meals or can easily be made into complete meals with minimal fuss. I recommend taking a crack at freezer cooking yourself, regardless of whether you have a baby on the way. It’s a nice feeling, knowing that dinner is already taken care of!

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  1. Opa says:

    That's what justifies owning a freezer! Nice going.

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