A Doll Dilemma

September 4th, 2010

As a way of helping ease Miss Mouse into the roll of Big Sister, I plan to give her a new baby doll when she comes to meet Baby2 at the hospital. Several people recommended this strategy and, given how much she seems to enjoy her current baby doll, it seems like a good plan.

I searched high and low for a fabulous baby doll. I wanted something realistic but not freaky. No bodily functions or batteries required. I found my dream doll in the American Girl Bitty Baby. I even had a nice Etsy seller make a few custom outfits out of outgrown Mouse clothes.

She’s a very nice doll. But now I face a dilemma — I think she may be too nice. Miss Mouse is pretty hard on her beloved toys. Her current Baby gets dropped, thrown, banged on the table, stepped on, sat on, flopped on, and flung down the slide. Most days, she is subjected to all of these indignities and more.

I fear that the new baby doll won’t be able to stand up to that kind of abuse. And she wasn’t cheap. I don’t want to have to “censor” Miss Mouse’s interactions with her doll and so I think I may shelve the new baby doll until next Christmas. The site did list it as for “ages 3 and up” but as there weren’t any small pieces or anything, I blithely disregarded this warning.

So now, two weeks out, I have to find another baby doll. I’ve got a solid lead in the form of one I saw at a store today. The owner is researching washing rules (I’d love machine washable) and will report in early next week. Stay tuned.

One response to “A Doll Dilemma”

  1. Isa says:

    Just give it to her. Let her destroy it and don't worry about how it turns out. I'm pretty sure that no doll is going to make it out of this phase of childhood looking like a museum piece, but it won't stop her from loving the heck out of it (well, if she likes dolls. My cabbage patch kid spent more than one night tied naked to the bannister as punishment for something. Being a doll, maybe? I don't remember–I was 4). And it'll probably take her a while to destropy it completely. Besides, once she's old enough to take care of a doll you're just going to have to drag her back to AG and buy her whichever one she most closely resembles and its myriad accessories.

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