A Hard Day’s Rummage

September 11th, 2010

Whew. I am so tired I can barely wiggle after a hard day’s rummage sale-ing at church. In fact, the only parts of me capable of movement seem to be my fingers (obviously) and my uterus, which is contracting somewhat frequently, but not remotely regularly so I’m not impressed.

In any case, the day went great! We think we cleared about $700, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you consider that most items were priced in the $1 to $2 range, or less, it’s not too shabby. Plus, we got a lot of community exposure, which was a big part of why we had the event in the first place.

Rummage sales are funny things. You take a bunch of stuff that someone didn’t want in their house, put a price tag on it, and hope that someone wants it. And they do. We still have a lot of stuff left, but an awful lot of items walked out the door today. Sheets, baby toys, old cookbooks, glassware, patio furniture, stuffed animals, you name it.

We’d talked a lot about how to handle hagglers and there were definitely two distinct streams of thought. One, embodied by my mother, took the position that this was a charity event, darn it, and people shouldn’t be allowed to negotiate. The other side, of which I was a vocal champion, advocated the “get it out of here” approach and thought we should accept any offer.

My side ultimately prevailed, though for the most part, not that many people wanted to haggle. There was one lady who stood out to me and whom I sort of wanted to smack because she did seem to be abusing the system. We had marked all shoes as $2. She showed up at checkout with a pair of Teva sandals and was put out that “sandals” were included with “shoes” in the same price. Tevas for goodness sake. I wanted to say to her — “Lady, those sandals are in terrific shape and cost over $100 new.” I resisted the urge, but I also broke my own rule and refused to come down from the $2 – which she paid.

I had to reign in my parents a few times to keep them from picking up unnecessary and random crap just because it was a good deal. And twice my mother picked up something that we had actually donated to the sale! In their defense, though, they did come across a few treasures including a great condition Uno Attack game and the most marvelous hippie outfit ever. It’s a full crocheted outfit — pants and top. Holy moly. I’ll try to post a picture because you have got to see this thing. I doubt it’ll fit me but some day Miss Mouse is going to have one heck of a Halloween costume!

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