Family Mixin’ and Painted Ponies

September 8th, 2010

It was a full house this weekend with both sets of parents/in-laws in town. In a wonderful display of cross-family mixing, on Monday Josh headed off to a baseball game with his folks and my dad while my mom, his sister, and I took Miss Mouse to the zoo. Fun times all around!

At the zoo, Miss Mouse had her very first ride at a carousel. My mom had been dying to take her on one and so off they went. After an initial moment’s qualm, it was love at first painted pony. She would grin and wave as she came around and burst into hysterical sobs when the ride was over.

And so, pushover that I am, I dutifully bought another set of tickets and took her for another round.

It was one of those surreal parenting moments where you suddenly step back and realize that your baby isn’t a baby anymore. I mean, I know perfectly well that my girl is turning two next month, but something about seeing her sitting up on that carousel horse really emphasized that she’s a whole little person now. Amazing.

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