Mouse Meets Bear

September 30th, 2010

We spent a lot of time strategizing about The Big Meeting between Miss Mouse and her little brother. As much as Miss Mouse seemed enthused by the concept of the baby in mommy’s tummy, I still had qualms about how she would respond to said brother in the flesh.

On the whole, it went pretty well. Mouse’s first query was whether she could hold the baby (no) and then she proceeded to demand access to the craisins she spied in my mother’s purse. Perhaps not love at first sight, but she didn’t try to hit him. I had hoped to post a great picture of the two of them together, but that Kodak moment never materialized…

Overall, the only moment to the meeting that didn’t go well was when I decided to hold Little Bear. Hoo boy. Instantaneous meltdown. Cries, whines, attempts to clamber over her brother and into my lap.

As I look back, if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have had Miss Mouse come to the hospital at all. She responded much better to BB when he arrived at our house — something I hadn’t anticipated, since it was “her” turf. But I think the strangeness of the hospital environment threw her. She hadn’t seen us in two days. We were in a strange place with a new baby. Maybe she thought we were going to live there forever, that we weren’t coming home. Or maybe it was all just a bit overwhelming.

In any case, Mouse and Bear are settling in together at home. She’s getting used to the sight of me feeding him and is beginning to understand that this means I can’t always respond immediately to demands to read a story or play with a toy. She likes to be near the baby, and wiggles her way onto the couch nearest the baby-holder whenever possible. All in all, I think we’re off to a great start.

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  1. Isa says:

    Aww..that picture is adorable! Glad to hear that once you got back to the home front Mousie has been doing better. It's got to be a lot to take in all at once!

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