Of Babes and Boobs

September 30th, 2010

Ah, breastfeeding. Womanly art. Thing of beauty. Best for baby. Source of frustration, anxiety, and excruciating pain. Who says the sacrifices you make with your body end after the labor and delivery?

As you may recall, breastfeeding didn’t go so well with Miss Mouse. In fact, I wound up in the hospital, and my boobs and I are legendary at my doctor’s office. But, undaunted, I have embarked on the boob-juice adventure once again with Baby Bear.

To be honest, it hasn’t gone exceptionally well, though I haven’t given up yet. I want this to work, darn it. I love breastfeeding my son. I swear that there is some direct line from boob to heart, and each tug at the former only strengthens the feelings in the latter. It’s magical time we spend together, nestled on the couch, with him sucking piggily and making happy slurping noises.

Now, if only I could get past the point where it hurts like heck and my nipples are bleeding (sorry, perhaps that was more info than you needed…).

We visited a lactation consultant who, in concert with a pediatrician, diagnosed our boy as tongue-tied, meaning his frenulum was too short and it was impeding the motion of his tongue necessary to successful feeding. Yesterday, an ENT did a freakishly simple in-office procedure to clip the frenulum, which is supposed to help.

Thus far, it hasn’t. But I remain optimistic, though I refuse to martyr myself again with this one. I’m giving it another week to sort out before I start pumping and bottling. Which sounds like a huge hassle and I’m much rather BB could feed straight from the tap, but we’ll see.

2 responses to “Of Babes and Boobs”

  1. Kristen says:

    Ah, yes, the ol' frenectomy. We went through that with Andy, too. I assume you didn't have the same ENT, though, or you surely would've mentioned that he's ridiculously good looking. Nevertheless, I hope that you and BB have more post-procedure success than Andy and me…I spent many MANY hours on the "milker."

  2. Beth says:

    Four words: GET A NIPPLE SHIELD! Its a simple nipple shaped silicone thing. It kind of sucks having to put this thing on every time and wash it and all that jazz, but it was night and day difference for Jackson and me. At one point a couple of days in I told our LC "He just can't latch. It's like he can't get his tongue out far enough" and she said "try that nipple shield." You can't get them just anywhere (at least not at our Walmart) but the little hospital gift shop had them. It was about one month of using that before we could nurse without it.

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