Pastor’s Kid

September 16th, 2010

Being a minister brings with it many blessings, but also times that can best be described as chaotic. Poor Porthos is already having to deal with the chaotic times. I had a church member pass away this week, which, thankfully (in some ways) we knew was coming for a week or so. So on Sunday, as the poor dear was struggling to hold on to life, I was telling Porthos he needed to come very soon to make sure I could be able to be at his birth, and also at the church for the funeral.

Well, Jan died on Tuesday, which immediately created a switch in my mind. Now, I needed Porthos to hold on, because if he was born before the funeral (which was today) there would be a bit of a scheduling conflict. Thankfully, Porthos did manage to hold on til the funeral was over.

Now, however, I am in hurry-up mode again. I have someone to cover for me on Sunday if I need to be away, but I don’t like to miss church. So I am now telling Porthos he needs to be born tonight (which is most likely not going to happen) or tomorrow morning, which would give me enough time to be there for/with him and be in church on Sunday.

With all this back-and-forth between ‘hurry up’ and ‘slow down’ the poor guy is going to be confused before he is even born. Ahh, the lives of pastors’ kids.



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