Romance ala Borders

September 17th, 2010

As I may have mentioned (once or twice), we’re book people in our household. Josh and I have regular “dates” at the local Borders. We head over together for an hour or two and browse, then bring a stack of “maybes” into the cafe to discuss over a hot chocolate and a cookie. There’s just something magical about a big bookstore. The idea that there are literally thousands of untasted literary treasures just waiting to be discovered makes me giddy.

Yesterday, we spent a lovely rainy afternoon together in bookland and by the end of the day, the whole family had new books. I managed to locate a book I’d heard about on NPR thanks to an amazing bibliophile Borders worker who managed to find it for me, despite the fact that I could remember neither the author (Jonathan Franzen) nor the title (Freedom).

Josh came home with a non-fiction work titled “The Man Who Loved Books Too Much” (appropriate, no?), while I picked up “Bear Feels Sick” for Miss Mouse, as she’s suffering from a sinus infection right now.

Even Baby2 got a new book (sort of). I came home with a copy of “Boys Should Be Boys” by Meg Meeker, which looks really good. I browsed through a number of books about raising boys, but settled on Meeker because she seemed to have a perspective I could identify with. I gamely tried to flip through James Dobsons’ “Bringing Up Boys” but the chapter on preventing homosexuality was just too much…

All in all, it was perhaps not a cheap date, but it was a thoroughly satisfying one. It’s wonderful to be sharing my life with someone who thinks an afternoon at Borders makes for a perfect couples outing.

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  1. Isa says:

    Um, please never read James Dobson ever. As a personal favor to me. Thanks.

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