The Baby Countdown Cavalry

September 1st, 2010

The “Baby Countdown Cavalry” (aka my parents) arrived yesterday — they’ll be here for the next month and a half to lend a hand as we welcome the newest member of the family. We’re all happy to see them, but Miss Mouse is so happy she’s bordering on deranged. Seriously.

When my folks pulled into the driveway last night (about 30 minutes before bedtime, naturally), she began bouncing up and down on the couch, squeaking.

When they came through the door, she was overcome by emotion and had to roll around on the couch for a few minutes. She pulled herself together enough to get off the couch, but rather than managing to hold still for a hug, she set off in wild laps around the house, giggling and shrieking.

She’d buzz through the living room, circle my folks, then head off through the dining room and kitchen. Sometimes she’d pause long enough to stand on her head or fall to the floor before setting off again. I have never seen her so wound up.

Finally, during one pass, she threw herself into their arms for hugs and after that settled down a bit, though needless to say — bedtime was a bit of a struggle.

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  1. G'Mom says:

    And that's exactly how happy I feel when I see my Mousling. I'm so glad we're here.

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