The Most Pitiful Thing in the World

September 21st, 2010

My oh my. There is nothing — absolutely nothing — more pitiful (or more labor intensive) than a toddler who doesn’t feel good.

It turns out, Miss Mouse’s bout of shoe-defacing potty troubles yesterday were only the beginning of our woes. She awoke cranky and miserable and soon had a repeat performance of yesterday’s intestinal ick. And then another. And one more by the end of the day.

Add to that lots of whimpering and moaning, refusing to eat, and generally clinging to me like a barnacle, and you have a sense of what my girl was like today. There was a rough period after she got up from her nap where the only thing that would console her was for me to hold her in my arms and walk around the room — much like when she was an infant. This was not easy for me in my over-pregnant state.

I once again thank my lucky stars to have my parents here and more than willing to help out in time of crisis (and non-crisis!). When my arms were ready to fall off, one of them would take over for a bit to read Mousie a story or distract her with a song or a hug.

The source of all our woe is/was the antibiotics Mouse is taking for her sinus infection. The one she’s on is notorious for being very hard on the tummy and, after six days, it caught up with her.

A sick baby produces two distinct sets of emotions in a mom. Well, probably more than that, but I’m focusing on two. The first is the intense momma-bear-protect-the-young adreneline rush where all of your energy and being is focused on finding a way to make your little one feel better.

But in the midst of that, there’s a weird satisfaction and enjoyment at being so needed. Now that Miss Mouse is a toddler, she’s much less likely to spend time snuggled up in my lap. She’s more likely to be found tearing around the house. But when she’s sick, she needs her mom again, and a part of me greatly enjoyed having her wet-noodle-self pressed against my chest all day. Even if it did make it hard for me to breathe.

2 responses to “The Most Pitiful Thing in the World”

  1. Isa says:

    Aw, that's very sweet. Glad you're newest addition is taking his time so you can spend some of the maternity leave cuddling Miss Mouse back to health with undivided attention!

  2. Beth says:

    At least she can kind of understand and communicate that she doesn't feel good… Jackson's been sick for the past three days. Seeing my tiny baby puke (gross) is bad enough, then add in the dry-heaving (poor guy) and the final scream… well, it all adds up to one crying mommy. A crying mommy that had to cry the whole way to work and leave baby boy at home with daddy or grandma because she absolutely couldn't be home. I just wanted to be home and take care of my little boy! It is good that that maternity leave in advance wasn't all wasted on relaxation. :)

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