The Perfect Birth: Part 1

September 27th, 2010

There may be nothing better in the world than being able to look back on your recent birth-giving experience and think to yourself – “wow, that was perfect.” It truly was. Details about the birth itself will be forthcoming, but the story really started at 4pm on Wednesday September 22nd and getting to the hospital was an adventure worth recounting…

We were due to arrive at the hospital for our scheduled induction at 6pm and had plans to get dinner beforehand at my favorite ‘Burgh restaurant — Church Brew Works. In a moment of climatalogical insanity, our fair city (and particularly our end of the city) was pounded by a freak microburst that hit just before we had to leave. Rain like you’ve never seen and winds that belong in a hurricane.

Chaos ensued.

There are only three streets that can get you out of our neighborhood because we live at the bottom of a dead end hill. As we attempted to set out, we discovered that two of those three were completely blocked by fallen trees. After escaping from our neighborhood, we still had to alter course three other times due to roads closed by fallen trees and down power lines. The stoplights were out for miles — at the peak of rush hour — and traffic was insane. It felt a bit like Armageddon had come to Pittsburgh.

With all that, what should have been a 30 minute drive took an hour and a half and it was 5:45 before we made it to the restaurant. We contemplated skipping dinner so as to be on time for our hospital date, but I was hungry and knew they’d cruelly deny me food once we got checked in so we threw our watches to the wind and ordered some grub. Mmmmm. Wood-fired pizza. Smoked Gouda spinach dip. Bratwurst pierogies.

We’d given our waiter the scoop on our situation and he popped his head out to announce that they’d decided we needed a free dessert since it was, after all, technically a “birth day.” Awesome.

We finally arrived at the hospital at 7pm, got checked in, and…

…to be continued!

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  1. Isa says:

    Ha! that's hilarious about the dessert–and honestly, I imagine you needed it more then than on your own birthday. Brat pierogies sound like the perfect melding of Polish foods. And I'm glad you were blocked at every turn before the induction–and not in the middle of labor!

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