A Miscalculation

October 28th, 2010

Miss Mouse seems to be enjoying her role of big sister – particularly when she can be of assistance in caring for Little Bear. She likes to round up renegade binkies and burp cloths, and has taken to climbing up on the couch and genially whacking him on the back, announcing — “He need burp!” (She also does this to me, incidentally. Apparently I appear to be in need of a good burp.)

I thought it would be fun for her to help us bathe him tonight. Lord knows he needed it. Baths are one area where the second child really gets the short end of the stick. I’m pretty sure we instituted nightly baths for Miss Mouse within the first week or so of her life. Little Bear is lucky if he gets one a week. But he had been particularly vomitous the last few days and had a fine layer of spit and grime that really needed attention.

Unfortunately, we quickly learned that bathing her little brother is only a fun activity for a Mouse if said brother isn’t flailing about wildly in his infant tub, face beet red, screaming so loud you’d think the water was boiling (which, I hasten to assure my readers, it was not). The poor child burst into tears herself and had to be quickly removed from the room by her father for a restorative snuggle and story.


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