About that cupcake

October 17th, 2010

About that cupcake featured in Miss Mouse’s birthday photos. I will confess that I ignored my better mothering instinct and let her have that cupcake entirely because I wanted the cute birthday picture. Lord knows the child didn’t need any more sugar that day.

She’d already had waffles for breakfast (a Mouse favorite), a cupcake for morning snack at school, and a pudding cup with her lunch. This for a child who basically eats no sweets. Dessert just isn’t part of our normal routine.

In my defense, the cupcake at snack time was not my fault. I had actually put a great deal of time and thought into what sort of store-bought (no homemade treats allowed at school, thanks to rampant child food allergies) treat I could bring in that wouldn’t be quite such a sugar fest. Two year olds just don’t need that junk and there had been quite a rash of birthdays in recent weeks already.

So, in consultation with friends and Mouse’s teachers, I’d come up with the pudding cups. Still not exactly healthy, but I considered them a step above cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream cakes (all of which had made appearances at school in the past month).

Alas, the best laid plans… It turns out there was another birthday girl in Miss Mouse’s room on Friday and her little friend brought in cupcakes. Sigh. I was a bit irritated (unfairly, I know) because the girl’s birthday was actually today and I thought they darn well could have waited to send their treats in until Monday to avoid double-booking the day.

Ah, birthday treat drama. Yet another thing I never really saw coming when I anticipated my years as a mother.

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