Bears, Oh My!

October 7th, 2010

This evening, we had our first confrontation with the wonderful world of toddler fears. I had read that about this age, many toddlers will suddenly exhibit irrational fears of things like bugs or water or anything else, really, that seems intimidating at the moment.

The meltdown began innocently enough (as meltdowns often do). Miss Mouse was stomping around the house, informing everyone that she was on a bear hunt. (Inspired by one of her favorite books, no doubt). She peeked under furniture and behind curtains, ascertaining each time that no bear was present.

My mother, bless her heart, had the well-meaning-but-ultimately-horrible idea of having my dad hide in the darkened living room and growl. The idea was that we’d all hear a bear, but then go in and discover that it was just Papu.

Um, right.

That plan might have been awesome, except that we never got to the happy ending. Miss Mouse heard the bear growl and lost it. Absolute terror and wailing ensued and she spent the next 10 minutes glued to my mother, eyes wide, demanding reassurance that no bears were lurking about.

Poor dear. And poor grandma!

Note to self: even light-hearted frightening of toddlers should be avoided at all costs.

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