October 13th, 2010

I suspect that part of the reason Miss Mouse is so happy to be a big sister is that this new title has brought with it a shower of gifts and attention. Bless their hearts, my friends and family have been wonderful about making Miss Mouse feel important and loved, and have avoided the pitfall of making the older sibling feel neglected.

In addition to enjoying her Big Sister gifts — such as a diapering set for her doll, a new care bear, a stuffed tigger, and several new books — Miss Mouse has, naturally, appropriated several of Little Bear’s presents for herself.

Like this one.

Meet Bumblebee — Miss Mouse’s newest and currently-most-beloved stuffed friend. Technically, Bumblebee was a gift for Little Bear, but since it’ll be quite a while before that puffy thing is deemed safe for him to play with, I relented and let her claim him as her own.

They immediately became fast friends, with Miss Mouse toting him diligently around the house (no small feat — that thing is big), giving him many hugs, reading him stories, and requesting that he join us at the dinner table.

Bumblebee is a “pillow pet” — he makes a nice plumpy pillow and, thanks to a cleverly-placed velcro strap, he also stands up as a stuffed critter. I’d seen them at the mall and had actually contemplated getting her one for Christmas, so his arrival in the house has been met with enthusiasm all around.

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