Halloween Part 1: A Positioning Statement

October 29th, 2010

This is Miss Mouse’s third Halloween, but in some ways it feels like her first because this is the first year she’s started to have a sense of the holiday. Last year, we decked her out as an adorable wee giraffe, but really I don’t think she had any idea what was going on. This year, she’s enjoying herself and we’ve stretched the holiday out to a nearly-week-long celebration involving a hike and a parade in addition to the night itself.

Blogs on these respective events will be forthcoming, but I wanted to start with a little “positioning statement” about my thoughts on Halloween. I know that this holiday can be controversial for Christians, but here’s what I believe.

I believe that, by and large, Halloween is a chance for make-believe, laughter, and community togetherness. I believe that there are people out there who use this holiday as an excuse to do cruel and evil things, but I also believe there are people out there who will use any given Tuesday to do cruel and evil things, too.

I believe that dressing up for Halloween is a wonderful exercise in childhood imagination and should be encouraged. I believe that gross and/or violent and/or totally freaky costumes have no place in my home.

I don’t believe a two year old needs to pick out her own costume. I do believe she’s old enough to enjoy wearing one and rampaging around the housing shrieking “mooooo!!!” I don’t believe that a newborn needs a costume, but I do believe if you do happen to have a cowboy onesie lying around the house, well…

I do not believe a two-year old needs to go trick-or-treating. I do believe a two-year-old should be allowed to stay up a wee bit late, helping to man a neighborhood trick-or-treating “pit stop” with her parents and their neighbors.

I believe that there is no upper age limit for appropriate trick-or-treators, provided that they are in costume. I believe that it is totally appropriate to turn away a thirteen year old in jeans holding a pillowcase.

I believe that being scared is a horrible sensation and people who have freaky sound effects at their homes and/or jump out at small trick-or-treators should be summarily whacked about the head several times.

Whew. Turns out I’m fairly opinionated about this holiday. I didn’t even really know that until I started typing. But there you go. Let the Halloween Season begin!

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