Just the four of us

October 11th, 2010

Today was our first official day on our own as a family of four. My parents packed up and headed west yesterday, after a wonderfully long visit (they’d been here since before Labor Day). I am incredibly blessed to have the very best parents in the world and rejoice daily that my kids have loving and involved grandparents to build relationships with over the next several decades.

I know that many people would cringe at the very thought of a month long visit from their parents, but seriously, it was awesome to have them. My parents are some of the most generous people I know and spent their time out here doing everything in their power to make life as easy as possible on us.

They made dinners. They cleaned the kitchen. They fixed things around the house. They played with Miss Mouse. They changed many diapers. They went grocery shopping. They vacuumed. They did laundry. See what I mean? They’re amazing.

When Little Bear was born, they moved into our house for a week so that Miss Mouse’s schedule could remain as unchanged as possible. Josh and LB and I stayed at their condo, settling in together and bonding as a family. It was a great setup.

We all became quite spoiled, having Nana and Papu around. And best of all, Miss Mouse was in heaven. She adores her grandparents and cannot get enough of them. Even after they’d been here five weeks, she squealed with enthusiasm each and every time they walked through the door. Now that they’ve returned home, she points out every airplane she see and informs me that the plane is on its way to Chicago to see Nana and Papu. It’s pretty darned cute.

So today we were on our own. Just the four of us. Mom, Dad, Mouse, and Bear. And although I missed having my folks around, it was also a wonderful feeling to spend the day with my family!

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  1. Opa says:

    Thanks for those kind words, dear. We are blessed to have you all and to be able to spend the time with you. Nothing makes us any happier. Love ya!

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