Smartie Mouse

October 6th, 2010

One of the wonderful things about having a small child (even one who is so very TWO), is the unexpectedly profound things that come popping out of their mouths. As Miss Mouse talks more and more, some of the things she says astound me.

Two examples from this week:

1) My mother was struggling to pull a too-tight shirt over Miss Mouse’s head. As she fussed and tugged, MM offered this bit of advice — “Need buttons, Nana.” Seriously? That’s definitely not a phrase that has even crossed any of our lips. She just pieced it together from her knowledge that some of her outfits do indeed have buttons at the neck.

2) It was pouring down rain, and Miss Mouse was standing on the couch, peering out at the deluge with some trepidation. My mother sat down next to her to reassure her and said “It’s just rain.” To which Miss Mouse replied — “Don’t be scared. It’s just water.

Who told her that? And what’s next? Poetry on the nature of the universe in iambic pentameter?

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