The Kitchen

October 13th, 2010

Before my parents left town, they presented Miss Mouse with her birthday gift. And what a gift it was: her very own play kitchen. Could anything bring greater joy to the heart of a two year old girl?

The kitchen came from Ikea, is made of wood, and thus blends into my living room far more than I had expected. Certainly better than some of the pink plastic culinary monstrosities I’ve seen out there. In any case, we sent Miss Mouse upstairs while we brought it in and stocked the cupboards with a few pots and pans and a bunch of play food. Then we let her come down, and just stood back and watched.

It was love at first sight. “New Kitchen!” she squealed. “I cook.” And away she went. She is still just coming into her own in the realm of imaginative play and so mostly what she does with her kitchen is take out all the food and stack it in the sink. Then she carries it, piece by piece, to whatever patient adult is around to receive it. Then she takes it back to the sink. And repeat.

She does enjoying pretending (well, we’re still practicing the “pretending” part…) to gnaw on her groceries…

And we’re working on the whole “the food is for playing kitchen with, not for flinging across the room” concept. Note the french bread loaf winging its way toward the unsuspecting picture-taker…

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