Totally Two

October 3rd, 2010

My daughter is two. (Almost). Lord Have Mercy, is she ever two. And since the arrival of Baby Bear, she has become increasingly and aggressively more and more two. Her mission in life appears to be to test the boundaries lovingly set by her parents, grandparents, and other authority figures. Again and again and again. And then once more, just to be sure we really meant it when we asked her not to hold onto the baby swing while it’s in motion. (We did).

Our interactions tend to go something like this.

Authority Figure: Miss Mouse, it’s time to pick up your toys. Please bring me your book to put on the shelf.

Miss Mouse: (Smirks and scampers into the kitchen, then hides in the dining room curtains.)


Authority Figure: Miss Mouse, let’s play with chalk in the driveway.

Miss Mouse: (Wields the chalk against the side of the car.)

Authority Figure: Let’s color on the driveway, not the car.

Miss Mouse: (Heads for the siding on the house, chalk in hand.)

Authority Figure: No, let’s color on the driveway, not the car.

Miss Mouse: (Chalks on the railing of the stairs.)


Authority Figure: Miss Mouse, do NOT eat the acorns.

Miss Mouse: No acorns in mouth! (Then, pops one in, and runs away.)

Have I mentioned that she’s TWO?!

One response to “Totally Two”

  1. G'Mom says:

    And she's fast! I'm guessing no one in the church yesterday was listening to the final benediction – they were too busy watching me trying to catch her as she sprinted out of the sanctuary – waaay ahead of me.

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