Walking Prayers

October 29th, 2010

A friend of mine is blogging about her journey toward motherhood. It’s a more complicated journey than mine — involving sperm donors, lots of calendar watching, and the medical equivalent of turkey basters — and it makes me extra thankful for my own straightforward fertility.

She wrote something the other day that has been pinging around in my head ever since.

“There are so many other people who are also doing these things we are doing — giggling their way into the doctor’s office full of hope, giggling their way through the set-up process, lying on their backs and praying that it will work. Then getting up and becoming a walking prayer for two weeks, and then nine months, and then forever. It was a little glimpse of what parenthood must be like with the hoping and praying.”

Wow. She’s right on, you know. As we become parents we do becoming walking prayers. For two weeks. Then nine months. Then forever. When you’re a parent, every waking moment is a prayer for your children. That they’ll be healthy. That they’ll be happy. That they’ll grow into the people you know they can be.

A beautiful sentiment from a woman who will make a beautiful mother. Good luck, my friend!

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