November 29th, 2010

This weekend we held Little Bear’s baby dedication. Our congregation practices “believers baptism” — which means we don’t baptize infants. We think you should be old enough to understand what it means before we start throwing water at ya. So instead we do dedications. They’re a chance for family, friends, and the congregation as a whole to affirm their commitment to a new baby and promise to support the parents in raising the new little one.

We sort of threw it together last minute when we realized we had the perfect storm of parental availability: my folks were in town and Josh’s parents were able to come up. Huzzah! In addition to all four grandparents, Little Bear’s dedication was also supported by Josh’s grandma, his aunt,
two cousins, my aunt, and my grandpa. It was deliciously multi-family and grand.

As thrilled as I was to have all the aforementioned relations in attendance, it was my grandfather’s presence that made the day most special for me. I’ve said it before, but my grandpa is a phenomenal musician, even at the age of 90! He and my mother performed special music — a beautiful piano-violin arrangement of “I Wonder As I Wander” — and also played a few Christmas carols before the service. Then he played along with our church organist on the offeratory and made everyone teary with “Emmanuel, Emmanuel.

Best of all, Little Bear sported a lovely crocheted jacket for the service…a jacket first worn 90 years ago for my grandfather’s christening service. How’s that for special?

Miss Mouse loved having her Grandpa Larry in town for the weekend. Upon his arrival, she immediately planted herself in his lap, demanding to be read a story. I worried a bit that she might injure him with her enthusiastic bouncing, but he took it in stride and obligingly entertained her with his resonant reading voice.

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