Halloween Part 5: Keep Your Candy To Yourself!

November 1st, 2010

Finally, after nearly a week of holiday-related parties and activities, we reached The Big Night. This year, we let Miss Mouse do a little bit of trick-or-treating, although to her it was just “meeting the neighbors.” She loved this activity and I got an electric jolt of – “my god, my baby is growing up” – as she hauled me up the street by the hand, squeaking excitedly as we approached each house.

I do confess to harboring some bitterness in my heart toward my neighbors, though, on the issue of candy. Miss Mouse is happily oblivious to the true meaning of Halloween (i.e. to achieve a sugar rush of epic proportions) and that was just fine by me. All she really wanted at each house was to say hello and peer unabashedly inside in the hopes of spotting any resident dogs or cats. So I prefaced each encounter with a statement along the lines of “We don’t want any candy. We just want to say hi.

And then watched in frustration/irritation as everybody blithely ignored my request, exclaiming – “oh no! She needs just one little piece!” – and thrusting chocolate bars and candy at my child. Grrr. I know it’s Halloween, but how hard is it to respect my wishes, people? Apparently pretty hard.

That minor parental pressure point aside, the night was great. We only lasted about an hour because it was reeeeaaaalllly cold, but a good time was had by all.

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