Laundry Is My Life

November 29th, 2010

With two children in cloth diapers, it often feels like laundry is my life.

This is a common sight in our house — a laundry basket overflowing with clean diapers, waiting to be sorted, stuffed, and put away in the appropriate room. Miss Mouse goes through about seven diapers a day and Little Bear uses more like ten. We wash diapers every other day –usually requiring two loads — and the picture above represents a typical wash day.

Whew. Then add in all of Miss Mouse’s clothes, which need to be washed after each wear since she comes home from school decidedly grubby after a day of playing, eating, and art-making. Little Bear contributes an amply supply of dirty laundry, between soaking multiple burp rags and going through as many as four sets of clothing daily with his endless yakking. Then there’s my laundry — also in need of frequent washing, thanking to Little Bear’s regurgitative prowess.

And let’s not forget all of Josh’s clothes. And, lately, a steady supply of sheets and towels to keep clean as we’ve had a revolving door of overnight guests.

Suffice to say, our washing machine is rarely idle.

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