Leaf Pile Adventurer

November 24th, 2010

The minute she walks in the house these days after being picked up from school, Miss Mouse has a new demand — “Go outside and jump in leaf pile!

This is what fall is all about: leaping with wild abandon into a big pile of crunchy leaves. Miss Mouse can’t get enough of this new game. She prances. She kicks. She wiggles. She throws her favorite baby doll in head first. She giggles like mad.

All credit goes to Nana for introducing her to the wonderful world of leaf piles. Whether from busy schedules or sheer parental laziness, Josh and I hadn’t gotten around to raking the backyard leaves for our daughter’s enjoyment. But once Nana arrived in town, it was only a matter of a few days before she and Miss Mouse were out there, rolling about and having a grand time. That’s what grandmas are for!

For me, the funniest part of the leaf pile routine came last night when we stripped Miss Mouse down for her bath. A leaf had somehow worked its way down into her diaper and she trotted out of her room, naked, and announced: “I have leaf pile on my tush!”

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