Mouse in Transition

November 14th, 2010

Just last week, Miss Mouse moved up to the next room at her daycare. She is now officially a member of the “Discovery Preschool” class. (“Preschool?” Seriously?? She’s two. No no no. She is not allowed to grow up. No no no. Okay, I’m done now.) KinderCare takes the process of “transition” very seriously and they do it well. Miss Mouse spent a full week adjusting to her new room and new teachers by spending a few hours there each day.

Graduating from the Toddler B Room means saying goodbye to two of Miss Mouse’s favorite people in the whole world: Miss Lauren and Miss Andrea. There is a special place in heaven for women like Lauren and Andrea who so graciously share their boundless patience, love, energy, and smiles with a cadre of toddlers each day.

Happily, the teachers in Discovery Preschool seem pretty fabulous as well. It’s a great big classroom with dedicated areas for art, pretend play, books, and other activities. It needs to be big because there are twenty-some two year olds in there on any given day. Wow. Again I say, blessed be the day care workers, for they are pretty amazing.

Miss Mouse adapted to her new surroundings well, which isn’t surprising because she’s a little social butterfly. The only setback occurred on the first day (of course!) when the fire alarm went off, sending my poor dear into a fit of hysterics as she sobbed for Miss Andrea and Miss Yauren (yes, it’s even more pitiful when you hear her pronounce it since she can’t say L’s yet…). The guardian angels of Toddler B were duly summoned for hugs and kisses of reassurance, and she recovered from the incident with no lasting trauma.

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