Smart Cookie

November 30th, 2010

Leave it to my mother to come up with an educational dessert.

This is one of the things I love about my mom: she loves to learn. She is endlessly curious and loves to discover how and why things she work. She also loves to cultivate this same curiosity in Miss Mouse. I often hear her Discussing Things with her granddaughter. Why do you think this toy floats and this one sinks? Look what happens when we mix these two colors of crayon! Check out what a cool shape this leaf is — what tree do you think it came from? It doesn’t bother her that Miss Mouse isn’t quite old enough to really “get it” — she’s laying the groundwork for a lifetime spent in the pursuit of knowledge.

Her latest endeavor? Alphabet shortbread cookies.

My mom decided to make cookies for dinner Saturday night, when The Whole Crew was in town for Little Bear’s dedication. She made shortbread squares and then decorated each one with a single letter. She arranged all the cookies on a plate and invited Miss Mouse to distribute them to the correct family member — the cookie with the “K” went to Aunt Karol, the one with the “D” to Daddy, etc.

Miss Mouse had a ball, squinting thoughtfully at each cookie, then trotting happily around the table to deliver it to the appropriate recipient.

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