November 13th, 2010

Well, I thought it was milk in her glass last night, but it seems like I accidentally served my girl a big old helping of sunshine because we had The Best Day today. It’s been an exhausting few weeks (or months) with my feisty wee toddler with much shrieking, whining, and flailing on her part and frowning, sighing, and threats to sell her on eBay on my part. But today, she was absolutely glorious.

The tone for the day was set when Josh awoke at 6:45 to the sound of singing wafting gently through Miss Mouse’s baby monitor. Nothing particularly identifiable, just a soft tuneful crooning. It made him smile. Then she went back to sleep for three hours, which made him smile even more.

Once we were all awake, we packed the kids up and headed to the zoo to take advantage of perhaps the last beautiful day of the fall. Sixty-five, and sunny, and clear — oh joy! Lions, and tigers, and bears — oh my!

MM loves the zoo and gets more out of it each time we go. It was fun to hear her ruminate about her day when we got home. She was particularly impressed by the “otters swimming round and round” and the “lions…roar!” and the “gorillas climbing everywhere!” Baby Bear enjoyed himself, too, even managing to stay conscious for much of the trip.

We rounded out the day with lunch/dinner at Bob Evans and let Miss Mouse bend the Rules of Eating Out ever so slightly because she was unstoppably cute as she stood up in the booth and danced while munching on a piece of grilled cheese sandwich… (There were literally only two other people in the whole place so she wasn’t bothering anyone.)

Then home again home again jigg-ety-jig for an evening of reading stories and playing with the kitchen spatulas, which are her newest love. Not a tantrum to be seen all day. A few whines (she is, after all, still two) but this was definitely the most cheerful she’s been in quite a while.

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