Super Sales

November 13th, 2010

So, it turns out that retail sales actually suits my personality quite well. To those of you who know me, it will come as no surprise when I say that below my charming smile lurks a truly ferocious competitive instinct.* Happily, that instinct finds healthy expression in a sales setting.

Yesterday was my first real shift on the cash register at Borders and I had a ball. Though a cashier isn’t the primary book seller (there are people with that title who do the heavy selling out on the floor), we do have a couple of sales opportunities and expectations.

Number one is to push the upgraded Borders Rewards Plus membership that costs $20 a year. The second is to push our Toys for Tots book drive. This is a really great idea, both philanthropically and from a business perspective. Customers are encouraged to purchase a children’s book from our selection at the register, then we donate it to Toys for Tots. Kids get books. Sales go up. It’s a win win.

I don’t have hourly goals or anything, but more is clearly better and that gives me something to strive for. I sold five upgrades and nine books during my first four hour shift. The bosses were pleased. Which pleased me. Have I mentioned that I’m also highly motivated by a “teacher’s pet” instinct?

*In discussing this with my husband the other day, he warned me that if he ever hears me trash talking our children over a game of Scrabble, he will ban Family Game Night. I promised only to wait until they were at least ten. Or a very mature eight.

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