The Word of the Day is Snuggle

November 16th, 2010

Miss Mouse’s vocabulary is expanding steadily. The latest addition to her verbal repertoire is “snuggle.” As in, as I was backing out of her room tonight after putting her to bed, a wee voice piped up from the recesses of the crib with an — “I want snuggle, mommy.

I did a double take, because I honestly don’t remember using that word too much around her. I asked her to clarify — “Honey, did you say you wanted to snuggle?”

Yes, mommy. Snuggle.”

I picked her up for a hug, but this wasn’t good enough and she pointed firmly at her chair and repeated “snuggle.”

I caved, of course, and we spent about 5 minutes cuddling together on her chair before she pronounced herself ready for bed.

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