November 6th, 2010

I’d like to walk up to whoever thought up foam bath letters and give them a big old smooch. You know what I’m talking about, right? That perennial favorite: multicolored alphabet letters made out of thick foam. They float and stick to the tile when wet. What’s not to love?

Miss Mouse loves nothing more than playing with her letters (pronounced “yetters” in Toddlerese) in the tub. It’s been fascinating to watch her start to recognize them, too. The game we usually play is: “Whose letter is it?” We identify letters according to people or things that begin with that letter. Thus, – “where is Mommy’s letter?” – is the cue to look for the letter “m”.

We spend most of her bath time playing this game. She goes through all of her friends at school (who happily have a wide variety of first letters, including L, G, Z, A, and T) and as many relatives as she can remember on any given night.

And she gets it. She really does. Not all of them, of course, but she’s got a solid lock on about half a dozen.

D — for Daddy
P — for Papu
M — for Mommy
N — for Nana
E — for Eliah
K — for Aunt Karol

She can reliably pick those six out of the floating alphabet soup around her and will also identify them if you hold them up for her. The moment that I really knew she had masted “E” came this afternoon, though, when she looked at the Boston Red Sox onesie being worn by her brother, pointed to the “e” in “red” and announced — “that’s Eliah’s yetter!

That’s my girl.

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