A little cheese on the side?

December 17th, 2010

Yesterday evening was perhaps not the best on record. I got a splinter embedded in the palm of my right hand, a huge swath of lights went out on my pre-lit Christmas tree, and I learned that one of my dearest friends is moving to Texas (in three weeks!!).

Yes, I realize that, if those are my biggest concerns I have a pretty darned good life. A little cheese with that whine, perhaps?

But I was in a funk nonetheless. My hand hurt like heck, I have a party for the church folks on Sunday for which I want my house to be perfect, and Texas is a long ways away and home to people like George Bush.

Josh was able to extricate the splinter…once I settled down and let him do it. The thing is, I do not do well at willingly holding still while someone hurts me. I consider that to be a valuable self-preservation instinct but it does cause problems in certain circumstances. Like that time, mere weeks after we got married, when I stepped on a piece of glass and Josh had to get it out of my foot. We’re lucky the marriage didn’t end right then.

On the plus side, I got eight hours of sleep with only one brief interruption at the six hour mark. Thank you, Little Bear. I feel reborn.

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