Christmas in a Nutshell

December 25th, 2010

It’s 9:20 on Christmas Evening. The kids are in bed after finally coming down off a pumpkin pie rush. I’m ensconced in a red fleecy Snuggi (compliments of my parents) as I type. Josh is fiddling with our new blue ray player (also compliments of my parents!) and we’re all pleasantly exhausted by a wonderful day.

Christmas really kicked off last night with a candlelight service at church. We got to light the advent candles!

I seriously debated whether or not to bring the kids since the service took place smack in the middle of prime bed preparation time. And, honestly, for much of the service, as my dad walked and bounced Little Bear in the back and my mother and I both struggled to keep Miss Mouse occupied and quiet, I suspected that I had chosen poorly. But then, as we all stood up to ring the church and sing Silent Night with our candles illuminating the sanctuary, I looked over and saw my girl, standing proudly next to her dad, her wee stuffed bunny held triumphantly aloft as she sang, I realized it was worth it.

This morning, she slept in (as yet too young to be up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, thank heavens), giving us time to arrange presents and start cinnamon rolls with my parents before she rolled out. I’ll talk more about gifts tomorrow, but for now suffice to say that there are few beings on heaven or earth more joyful than a two-year-old opening new toys.

Then it was time for a cooking frenzy. We had both ham and turkey, stuffing, corn casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy, chunky sweet potatoes with apples, green beans in vinaigrette, home-made bread, and store-bought pie. Gosh, that seems like a lot of food for just the four and a half of us, doesn’t it?

Good thing there were four other adults and two other kids helping (with a third wee one watching avidly and sampling a bite or two of sweet potato)!
We had invited two of my dearest friends and their respective husbands and offspring over for dinner, as they found themselves family-less this holiday. It was a madhouse but very fun. Final count was eight adults and five kids, aged three, two, one, six months, and three months. All wedged into our dining room. I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of all of us under the tree!

All in all a magical day.

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