December 7th, 2010

I may be adding an item to my Christmas wish list this year: a luggage cart. Seriously, I think we may need one to get all our gear out the door in the morning. I kid you not, I leave the house with a minimum of SIX bags every day. Yes, six.

1) Miss Mouse’s diaper bag.
2) Little Bear’s diaper bag.
3) Little Bear’s cooler of bottled boob juice.
4) My breast pump, housed in an attractive bag currently serving as my purse.
5) My insulated lunch bag.
6) My cooler for transporting pumped boob juice.

Yesterday, my first day back to work, was even worse. In addition to the half dozen bags listed above, I also had one of miscellaneous work “stuff” (like a calculator and plastic document holders) I’d borrowed for our church rummage sale before going on maternity leave and another containing a couple framed pictures for my office and a few small presents for co-workers who picked up the slack in my absence. Oh, and an extra bag for Little Bear with all of his “keep at Day Care” gear like spare clothes and back-up binkies. If you’re keeping count, we’re up to nine. Nine bags. Makes the daily six seem like nothing.

On the plus side, look at my two adorable children on their first shared day of school. They’re totally worth the harm I am inflicting on my back from hauling ten tons of gear.

2 responses to “Luggage”

  1. Isa says:

    Adorable! But whoa, that is a lot to lug! No way to consolidate diaper bags?

  2. G'Mom says:

    How about Miss Mouse's red wagon?

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