Noozling with Newborns

December 30th, 2010

Noozle (v) — to nuzzle while snoozing. Or vice versa.

Have you noozled with a newborn lately? I must say it’s a pretty unbeatable way to spend your time. As defined above, “noozling” is the convergence of snoozing and nuzzling. It’s a flexible activity — feel free to throw in some smooching, snuggling, or dozing as well.

Now, technically, noozling is not an age-restricted activity. One can noozle at any age. But noozling with a newborn is extra special. They’ve got that great baby smell that wafts up from their fuzzy little heads and they fit so nicely in the crook of your arm.

Little Bear and I have a good noozling system worked out. He sleeps (pretty well, too) in his crib at night. When he wakes up a bit earlier than I’m ready to be up and about, I sometimes let him come to bed with me. And we noozle. Tummy to tummy, nose to nose, downy head propped on my arm, we spend some quality time together.

It’s blissful.

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  1. […] Buggie, I think I lived in the moment a little bit more.  I savored his baby-ness and made sure we spent lots of time noozling together.  But I was still excited to watch him progress from tiny creature to sprightly little […]

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