Of Fibs and Stink Bugs

December 14th, 2010

Miss Mouse is at that age where make-believe starts to take root. This growth of her imagination sometimes manifests itself in, well, creative interpretations of actual events. I hate to call my daughter a liar but…

Last night, Miss Mouse couldn’t find her beloved Going On A Bear Hunt book. When I asked her where she thought it might be, she looked up at me with utter sincerity and announced: “The stink bug took it.“*

Riiiiight. The stink bug took it, huh?

And just tonight, she put one of her Fisher Price Little People cows from her nativity set into time out because it allegedly hit her.

*Our house has a bit of a stink bug infestation at the moment. They appear all over the place. Miss Mouse thinks it’s all the same bug and it has become her nemesis. She dramatically points him out every time she sees him, crouching down and pointing and announcing — “Dat’s a BUG!!”

One response to “Of Fibs and Stink Bugs”

  1. G'Mom says:

    At least she didn't put Baby Jesus on a time out….

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