Pee Wee Prayers

December 15th, 2010

Thanks to my hubby taking over Miss Mouse’s bedtime over the last few months, Miss Mouse has added bedtime prayers to her bedtime routine. And if there is anything sweeter than a toddler praying, I haven’t seen it yet.

At this point, her prayers are almost entirely words of thanksgiving for the people she loves. We always allow Miss Mouse to choose who to pray for and she inevitably first lists Mommy and Daddy and Little Bear. And Riley Dog.

Then she moves on to friends and/or family who have been in her life recently. Tonight, it was Aunt Meg and Mr. Scott and Miss Mandi and Mr. Matt. And her teacher, Miss Tawny.

After making her list, she dutifully folds her hands while we say a prayer for the people she mentioned…and then she usually adds a few more. I’m not sure if it’s an official stalling technique yet but she frequently decides after her first round of prayers that there were people she missed.

The other night, after I prayed for her requisite list, she opened her eyes and said: “Pray for ALL friends” while throwing her arms out into a wide circular motion to illustrate the vastness of this request. I suspect she wanted me to start naming her friends one by one, but no way I was going down that road so we simply said a quick prayer for “all of our friends at school and church.”

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