The Emotional Toll of Mr. Potato Head

December 18th, 2010

As Christmas gift from Josh’s sister, Miss Mouse received a Mr. Potato Head toy. (Technically, she also received Mrs. Potato Head but we haven’t given her that one yet, preferring to space out the gifts). Miss Mouse loves that spud. She takes great joy in pulling off his various body parts one by one and sticking them back on.

The result has been some impressive Picasso Potato creations with arms springing from his head and far too many noses for any one root vegetable.

Unfortunately, Miss Mouse’s playtime activities with Mr. Potato Head are causing my husband deep emotional scarring. The control-freak, perfectionist, almost-OCD side of him is having a really really hard time with the fact that she doesn’t put her toy together “right.” It makes him twitch to see both ears on the same side of the head. And the eyes below the nose. And the arms where the feet go. I’m serious. I’m noticing a definite facial twitch developing.

His one moment of solace is when, each night after she goes to bed, he immediately reconfigures Mr. Potato Head back to his correct alignment. I suspect without this bit of catharsis, he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

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