The Party

December 19th, 2010

Today, Josh and I hosted an open house for the members of our church. This is now the second year for that and it has officially become a tradition. Josh and I both come from a long line of holiday party throwers. His mom does a church open house each year involving approximately one gazillion cookies. My mom & dad do a party for their nearest and dearest that involves a cornucopia of appetizers.

We walk a middle ground, I guess. The guest list is church folk but, as cookies are not actually my forte, I do a mix of sweets and savory.

Here was the menu:

Zesty Bean Roll-ups
Moroccan Turkey Empanadas
Cheesy Pepper Stars
Veggie Tray
Bourbon Pecans
Cinnamon Holiday Pretzels
Cream Cheese Cookie Cut-Outs
Foccacia with Olive Oil Dipping Sauce

It all came together quite nicely. My mother, bless her heart, had helped me prep while they were out here last by making the pecans, the cheese stars, and the fudge. We’d whipped up the empanadas and cookies together, too, and froze them until party time.

Happily, this cut down on last-minute prep time, since trying to rush home from church, feed two children, get them down for naps, get food out, change clothes and be ready to graciously welcome people into your home — all in the span of two hours — is asking quite a lot.

The kiddos were sporting their Christmas Finery (compliments of Baby Gap and Nana) and looked fabulous. Who doesn’t love sweater dresses and argyle?

3 responses to “The Party”

  1. Isa says:

    So adorable! My only complaint is that I do not see olive cheese balls on the menu. Also, you need to get your mom's recipe for reuben bites, stat, as they are probably the best thing I've eaten in months.

  2. G'Mom says:

    Em – I'm bringing the leftover reuben bites to Pittsburgh, and I'll send you the recipe as soon as I find it again. Sadly, my daughter has inherited many fine traits from her parents, but love of olive cheese balls is not one of them.

    Even without the OCBs, that menu is quite impressive, as was the two hour sprint to get it all ready. Little Bear looks a wee bit shell shocked – too much fudge?

  3. Kate says:

    It's the O in the OCBs that I have trouble with. Olives just don't ring my bell. But I'm looking forward to the reuben bites!

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