The Visitor

December 9th, 2010

An uninvited (and, to be perfectly honest, unwelcome) visitor arrived at the house today. When I got home from work, there he was, lurking about and looking vaguely familiar. Then he marched up and introduced himself.

Hello,” he rasped. “I am your daughter’s head cold. I will be spending most of the winter with you. I’ve taken the liberty of making myself at home.”


Miss Mouse is snotty and snorky and coughing. Josh is congested. And I’m fading fast. Throughout the day, I caught glimpses of our unwanted guest as I went about my work, but had hoped that perhaps he was in our office to visit someone else. But when I got home and held still for two minutes, he caught up with me. My nose is totally stopped up, my voice is a croak, my head hurts and my body aches.

And, of course, coming off of maternity leave, I have zero sick time. And even if I did have a bit of sick time, I’d need to save it in case one of the kiddos gets kicked out of school for being too germy. Oh joy. Welcome to winter.

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