December 28th, 2010

As I mentioned yesterday, two out of three of Miss Mouse’s Christmas presents revolved around The Potty. That’s right, it’s potty training time. Yes, potty training (not the more pretentious “toilet learning” espoused by a certain cadre of hipster parents of which I am not one).

When I started planning out the Christmas potty gifts, I envisioned doing a potty blitz weekend: put her in underpants, ply her with beverages, prepare for some mishaps, and GO! As it turned out, though, Miss Mouse was already well on her way to potty training by the time the holidays rolled around.

For weeks now, Miss Mouse has been demanding to sit on the potty each time her diaper is changed. Then about a week before Christmas, she actually started doing more than just sitting there. No stickers, no candy, no toys required: she seemed to be thriving on enthusiastic hugs and high fives when she did her thing.

And thus, her segue into absolutely adorable Big Girl Underpants went pretty smoothly. Well, after an initial problematic morning during which she had three accidents in an hour and a half. The rest of the weekend went pretty well, though. Her longest successful stretch is about four hours and we’ll keep trying it at home for a few weeks before trying to go diaper-less at school.

I think a great deal of her interest in the potty right now stems from her love of her Big Girl Underpants. And really, what’s not to love? These fabulous briefs were made by a friend of my mother’s out of old t-shirts. They’re funky and stretchy and comfy and oh-so-very-pretty. Miss Mouse adores them.

Can I just pause for a minute, though, to say that the sight of my baby — my baby — running around in underpants causes me to get all squashy and teary. She looks like such a grown up without her diaper. That can’t be. Wasn’t she just born last month? No?

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