A First

January 25th, 2011

Despite being on this earth considerably less time, Little Bear has now officially beat Miss Mouse in the “who can go to the hospital first” race. What an honor. Miss Mouse had surgery for her ear tubes, but it was done outpatient so I’m not counting that.

Both kiddos had been pretty sick last week. MM was going into week three of a nasty cold/cough/snot-fest and about a week ago, Little Bear picked it up too. As is always the case, both of them took a turn for the worse over the weekend — coughing all night and keeping themselves up with it. Little Bear also picked up an alarming wheeze. He sounded like a very pathetic squeaky toy.

So yesterday, they both went to the doctor. Miss Mouse went earlier in the day and was diagnosed with a respiratory infection and an ear infection and was sent home with ear drops and antibiotics. There was some talk of doing a chest x-ray to make sure the infection wasn’t morphing into pneumonia, but the doc decided it wasn’t necessary.

Several hours later, Little Bear and I arrived for our appointment and the tone was more serious. The wheeze had everyone a little bit nervous. They tested his oxygen levels and they were reassuringly high but the doc had me lay him on the table and we watched him breathe together as she pointed out the three different signs that showed her that he was struggling to draw breath fully. She decided to take extra precautions with him “because he is so little.” That was the phrase we heard a lot — “because he’s so little, we need to take it seriously.” Fair enough. I’m not gonna mess around with breathing problems.

So it was off to the hospital for a chest x-ray, a breathing treatment, and swabs for a particular virus and whooping cough. Four hours later, he was given the all-clear to go home. No pneumonia. No RSV. No signs that he was getting worse (the treatment helped the wheeze a lot). We have to wait a few days for the whooping cough results but I seriously doubt it’s that. The official diagnosis viral bronchiolitis — which is doctor speak for “we’re not really sure but something is screwing with his lungs and it’ll just have to run its course.

The experience made me realize that I seriously need to start keeping a box of supplies in the car. Because we went from daycare to doctor to hospital we were woefully unprepared. I had only one diaper, no wipes, and no change of clothes to put him in when said diaper leaked all over his outfit. Poor little thing!

Perhaps the most awful moment of the whole night, though, came when I walked into our room at the ER and the TV was blaring Glenn Beck…I thought I might need some treatment myself.

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