A Potty Vignette

January 31st, 2011

Because I’m sure that everyone else finds my daughter’s potty adventure as endlessly interesting as I do, I shall share the following story.

Potty training continues to go well. Miss Mouse still wears diapers to school, but many of them come home dry, and she wears underpants around the house much of the time. She is slowly getting better at informing us when she needs to go (rather than simply being encouraged to “try” every half hour or so!). She prefers that I come with her most times and has taken to congratulating me with an affirming “good job, mommy.” It’s been a long time since anyone complimented me on my bathroom abilities, I must say.

Last night, she was hanging out with Bug and me up in his room. He was having Naked Baby Time and she was playing with his toys, wearing only her underpants (we had pasta for dinner and had opted to remove her clothes before eating). I looked up in time to witness an accident in progress — one which missed her brother’s head by a very narrow margin! — and whisked her to the bathroom for a clean up.

Because it was almost time for her bath, I then let her stay naked. It seemed silly to put on underpants. About ten minutes later, just as Josh came up to start her bath, she suddenly announced with great urgency – “I have to go potty!” And my fastidious husband, no doubt imagining yet another round of carpet cleaning, leaped into action at warp speed.

He grabbed her under her armpits and took off for the bathroom. There she was, naked as a jay bird, swinging from his arms and shrieking “hurry hurry, daddy!” as they sprinted down the hall. I laughed so hard I nearly had an accident myself.

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  1. G'Mom says:

    Oh where is the video camera when you need it!

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