Day at the Museum

January 6th, 2011

On Sunday, my folks and I took Miss Mouse and Little Bear to the Children’s Museum. We picked that day because they were having a family-friendly New Year’s Dance Party, and my girl loves to shake her groove thang. Sadly, the dance party was a bust because for some reason, they felt the need to play their (admittedly family-friendly) tunes at a deafening volume. Never before has the Hokey-Pokey caused me physical pain. And poor Miss Mouse was literally begging to go home within a minute of arrival.

Happily, the rest of the Museum remains fabulous and, once we escaped the pulsating clamor, we had a great day. Highlights included:

The Studio. Move over Jackson Pollock.

The Vortex. This was an awesome wind-tunnel, part of a larger exhibit about air. You climbed inside (safety goggles a must!) and then could toss things into the air current and watch them whiz around. You know it must be a fun activity when a two-year-old is willing to keep ill-fitting goggles strapped to her face in order to participate.

The Soap Bubbles. Stick an air hose into soapy water. Add changing colored lights. Watch the toddler’s eyes light up.

The Parachutes. You could make parachutes out of coffee filters, then stick them into a plastic tunnel with an air current and watch them shoot out the top and then (theoretically) float back down. Way cool.

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