Family Fun on the Cheap

January 8th, 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for a rainy-day, kid-friendly outing on the cheap, it’s tough to beat the play area at a mall. To a grown-up, it’s a few cheesy climbing toys, a horde of unruly children, and a possible haven for athlete’s foot. To a two-year old, it’s paradise.

Just such an expedition saved what was otherwise a pretty rough day today. When Dante was envisioning the circles of Hell, he overlooked an obvious choice for denizens thereof: the cranky toddler. Lord have mercy, when that child doesn’t get enough sleep she could make Mother Theresa herself consider strangling her.

Thus, in the interest of avoiding locking her in the nearest broom closet, Josh and I packed up the kiddos and headed to the mall. Miss Mouse had a blast. The place was packed and she spent over an hour racing around, climbing on the rocket ship, going down the slides, and making new friends. She bonded with a fellow two-year-old (also named Ellie!) and the two cavorted like puppies.

Little Bear and I took a quick trip to The Children’s Place where I scored a major haul thanks to a big in-store sale. Two shirts for him, two for Miss Mouse, and two pairs of corduroy pants for MM. Final cost: $22.50. Heck yeah.

Then we dined at the Food Court. Ours has a Subway so dinner was not only relatively healthy (gotta love the yogurt and apple slice options!) but also free, thanks to gift cards that my folks gave us. We got home a bit late and popped the kids into bed. Here’s hoping all the activity wore them out and they both sleep like logs.

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