Four Months

January 23rd, 2011

Happy Four Month Birthday, Little Bear!

Our wee cub is now officially no longer a newborn. At least I think. I believe the first three months are really the “newborn” stage and after that a small creature remains an infant for a while and a baby a bit longer after that on the road to grown-up-personhood. He certainly is growing into a personality and is more person-like and less fetal by the day.

He’s got quite a giggle on him and is extraordinarily ticklish — especially when Dad is the one doing the tickling. Or singing “Here We Go, Steelers!”

He has his official four-month checkup on Friday so I’ll have weight and height stats then. I did want to document, though, that today he had his first haircut. Josh took a pair of clippers to the back of his head. I know in pictures it certainly doesn’t look like he had hair long enough to cut — he doesn’t have much hair at all. But in the back, we had an issue. He had rubbed a bald spot right on the back, but then below that he had a pretty thick thatch of hair. Sort of a back-of-head soul patch. It looked ridiculous. You can almost catch a glimpse of it in the picture below (we forgot to do an official Before and After shot).

In any case, it was driving Josh nuts so today he gave Little Bear a quick buzz cut back there. All better.

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  1. G'Mom says:

    Too bad LB didn't get to watch the game – he was certainly ready for it – and clearly enjoys singing "Go Steelers, Go." Darling!

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