How to spend a Saturday

January 16th, 2011

Josh and I have fundamentally different approaches to weekends. My vision of How You Should Spend a Saturday revolves around fun family activities. Trips to the zoo. Picnics in the park. Adventures at the lake. Hikes in the woods. That sort of thing.

Josh’s idea of a perfect Saturday is sleeping in and then lazing around the house all day. Sadly for him, since we had kids he gets his way less often than before!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lazy weekend day, reading books or watching some TV. The thing is, when you have kids, those days just don’t materialize. Miss Mouse is a whirlwind on the weekends and by 9am she has frequently already taken out every single toy she owns and scattered them across the house. Then what? Head to the museum, that’s what!

I think this may be the one instance when her status as a full-time daycare baby works against us. Five days a week, Miss Mouse is engaged in a pretty steady stream of structured activities. They have plenty of time for “free play” at school, but it’s time spent with her little friends and a host of toys. I get the sense that on the weekends, she doesn’t always know what to do with herself.

Or maybe that’s just me projecting my Type-A personality onto her as an excuse to pack our weekends full of activities. But either way, let’s just say it’s a good thing we have memberships to the Zoo and the Children’s Museum.

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