In which a good idea fails to pan out

January 19th, 2011

It seemed like such a great idea: the Winter Gala at day care. A chance to showcase what the kiddos have been learning in their classrooms, while having lots of fun singing and dancing. There was much anticipation leading up to the Big Event: headdresses to be made, songs to rehearse, and a countdown on the door to Miss Mouse’s classroom. Bad weather intervened last week and the Gala was postponed until last night. I left work early to be there and came armed with cameras, both still and video.

Alas, when you take twenty kids and add at least one (often two) parents for each child, you wind up with a classroom stuffed full of at least fifty people, over half of whom are big and potentially unknown to the small people. The result? When you walk in the door, your toddler runs across the room, throws herself at you, announces – “There’s too many people! I want to go home!” – and bursts into tears.

Poor dear.

She did agree to wear her adorable snowflake hat/crown and, when carried by her teacher, joined the class up front for one song. But she didn’t sing. She stood there looking worried and then retreated back to my arms.

The snowflake crown was a big hit and she continues to wear it proudly. Sadly, she immediately turns petulant at the sight of the camera, so this is the best shot I got:


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