New Year, New Waistline

January 1st, 2011

New Year’s resolutions are dumb. I’ll just get that off my chest right now. Most people make them. Few people keep them. I don’t usually bother. My “resolution” this year is one I’ve already been working on for a while: Lose the Baby Weight(s). Both of them. The Little Bear weight and the lingering, stubborn, cocky Miss Mouse weight (which seems to believe it will be with me forever).

The only form of dieting that has ever worked for me is the “cheat day.” Basically, be good six days a week and eat what you like on the seventh. The light at the end of the tunnel each week keeps me going and helps me avoid temptations like chai lattes, cookies, and Wendy’s french fries.

I managed a couple good weeks in the midst of the holidays, but recognized that Christmas week was a lost cause. I let myself off the hook for that week in an attempt to avoid the crushing guilt that was sure to accompany the inevitable indiscretions. The problem is, when I give an inch, my sweet tooth takes a mile. Unleashed from its cheat day shackles, my sweet tooth went on what can only be described as a Baked Good Bender. It wasn’t pretty.

With much fear and trembling, I stepped back on the scale this week to see what the damage was…

…only to realize I’d lost three pounds.

Oh, that’s right. I’m breastfeeding. And I had a short bout of flu. Even Christmas cookies by the ton are no match for that dynamic duo of illness and lactation. I’m now within TWO pounds of my pre-Bear weight. I’m energized to once again get on the healthy eating train with that milestone in sight!

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